The Legion of the Bouncy Castle

Instructions for setting up a mirror

  1. Subscribe to announce-crypto-request@bouncycastle.org (you need to put the word "subscribe" in the message body - it is a low volume list just for release announcements - that way you can be sure that you can keep your mirror up to date.

  2. If the mirror will be off a web page, download the mirroring kit - this just includes some graphics and a html stub file which will give your mirror that "official/professional" look! Extract the tar file into the directory you wish to use and edit the HTML stub file mirstub.html to reflect the software distributions that you wish to make available.

  3. Download the distributions you wish to mirror from our releases page and check them against the checksum page.

  4. Let us know at feedback-crypto@bouncycastle.org and we will incude a link to you on our mirrors list.

If you are planning to do a full mirror of our Java cryptography APIs you might want to just copy our example mirror page.