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Windows Developer Power Tools: Turbocharge Windows Development with More Than 170 Free and Open Source Tools
James Avery and Jim Holmes - O'Reilly
A general book with extensive coverage of tools available for .NET programming. Includes a section on security, complete with an article discussing use of the general Bouncy Castle APIs for C# in addition to the Bouncy Castle OpenPGP Apis for C# including some basic examples.

"Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C", Second Edition
Bruce Schneier - John Wiley & Sons
A general introduction to Cryptography, if you are new to this area it is well worth the effort to read a copy before trying to implement anything.

"Handbook of Applied Cryptography"
Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. Van Oorschot, Scott A. Vanstone - CRC Press
Considerably more academic than Bruce Schneier's book, really intended for people with a good background in mathematics and computer science. Very solid, covering both algorithms and basic number theory. Chapters for this book are also available on the web at with some restrictions.


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Web Links

Source Examples Wiki
Code samples in a wiki environment. Created by David Reis Jr.

RSA Lab's Cryptography FAQ
Frequently asked questions about today's cryptography from RSA Laboratories.

The Object Identifier Registry
Online registry of ASN.1 Object Identifiers and what they are.

The X.509 Style Guide
Peter Gutmann's implementation notes for developers of X.509 certificates. Humourous as well as very useful, also contains references to other introductory material covering PKI and cryptography.